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8 Ball Pool Free Coins Link

8 Ball Pool Free Coins 06/03/2021

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About 8 Ball Pool Game

8 Ball Pool is a simulation game of the pool which was released by Miniclip. This mobile game is based on the pool. This game can play this game in the browser or on any computer device, which means this game doesn't need a particular device to play. 8 ball pool is considered to be the largest multiplayer game. There are more than 10 thousand daily active players of 8 ball pool.

Miniclip first launched this game in 2008, which took the name of 8 ball pool. In simple terms, it is the upgrade version of the classic 8 ball pool. In this game, players' primary objective is to pot as many balls as before the due time runs out.

The individual who will score higher by the potting maximum ball will be declared as a winner. Sinking a ball will also add some additional points. This game can be tough for starters, but this game is quite addictive as this game has around more than a thousand active players.

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The simulation of the game looks similar to the original pool game. Even Miniclip claims that they did receive some emails from pool players about the simulation and graphics.

Specification of the game

It is a huge multiplayer game. One can invite their friends to play the game or play the game with a random online pool player. Even if your friends are not online in the game, they will send a push notification to the player about the challenge once you challenge your friend. This feature is considered to be one of the best features of this game.

Once you install this game, dive right into one on one gaming mode.

In this mode, one will be paired up with a random player. Before one begins with the game, one will get a certain amount of gaming cash. By winning the game, one will get more coins. The control of the 8 ball pool is quite a good one. Can easily control the game just by aligning the finger's cue to the ball's cue on the screen.

If you're not sure that you can play, then don't worry; for the beginner, there is a feature called alignment guide, which helps you hit the targeted ball through accurate alignment.

One can also touch that cue icon and zoom out the ball's face while you're intended to striking the ball. Last but not least is the power meter, where one would pull the cue back and then release it according to the power required to pot the ball. Once your turn is over, your opponent will get the opportunity to serve.

While playing the game, one might hear about the two-term one is "striper" or "solids." Here one needs to put away 7 balls. Once you do that, one will get the opportunity to pot the 8th ball. If one can pull that off, they are considered to be a winner.

In 9 ball pool, one will have to pot the pocket balls according to the simultaneous numeric value. Both you & your opponent will compete for each of these. whoever pocket 9th will be declared a winner. In this section, we will try to discuss the gameplay of 8 ball pool.


Miniclip takes the looking perspective quite seriously. 8 ball pool tries to make the game more realistic so that the player feels engaging in the game. Because of the graphic's realistic approach, players invest most of their time to play the game and collect more coins. Other than this, the player will get an experience point for each gameplay. This experience point will help you to level up and to unlock certain game rooms and many more.

Players get to choose an avatar visible on the top left corner of the game's home screen. The Player will also get to customize the list of achievements. This will help the player to unlock achievements according to them. The game is pretty simple compared to other pool games; in this game, the game's main objective is to play as many games as possible and level-up. It also provides a feature where online random players chat with each other. The chatting feature has a chat package where one can send messages like good luck or well-played. Even though this chat package comes at a price, one needs to buy this feature.

For starters, one can begin with the game by using beginner cues. The beginner also gets some tips and instructions on playing the game, making the game more accessible for other players.

The Advantages of 8 ball pool

In general, it is a great game; the graphics of the game is realistic. It is a free game, and one should definitely consider the game.

The disadvantage of 8 ball pool

It is quite tricky to play the game as some of the players might be tough to play on mobile devices. As shooting at the edges can be complicated for some new players.

Other than this, the constant pop-up ads will appear on the screen, which can sometimes be irritating for some players.


Overall, 8 ball pools is a good game, and one should check out this game. One can instantly play this one on one game. Give it a try, and one will instantly fall in love with this game.

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