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Criminal Case Game

Criminal Case Game

criminal case

About Criminal Case Game

The criminal case is a hidden object game also a crime investigation game developed by French indie studio. Ios version was released on August 28 2014. Later the android version was released on April 15, 2015. In the game, players will be played as policemen who will collect evidence to solve a range of crimes. Crimes which are primarily based in murders. You can call this game hidden object game as well. Because one played have to find hidden objects to solve a murder.


The more you find items more, you will solve each case. There are many chapters within each crime; players have to search and identify objects like a murder weapon, victims corpse. Then one player has to use this information and arrest the murderer. When one can solve each puzzle, they get rewarded, and their levels will be progressed in the game. So if one can love hidden object game and suspense, then this game is the one for them. Let's discuss the game.


Criminal Case Gameplay

The criminal case is the most played crime investigation game, and it is also elected as the Facebook game of the year. Every time you will get different types of investigation, that's why you will never get bored with this game. Environment and graphics are so realistic. The main character of the game is a detective who solves the murder cases.


Players will find clues at crime scenes like who the victim was or why they killed, what relation they had with the case suspect and most importantly, how they were killed. For quickly complete the task, you will be rewarded and also earn stars. This stars you can use for some necessary tasks such as examining evidence and questioning suspects. During this process, you will come across necessary autopsies and analyses which may take some hours to complete. But this also gives you the challenge to conduct your investigation.


With investigation, players can also purchase pets, utilizing power-ups such as boosters and snacks, obtaining collectables like cards and unlocking trophies. There are eight seasons in this game. In the first season of the game, the player will be investigated in a fictional city grimsborough where the second season player will be moved to the pacific bay. It is also a fictional city based on los Angeles, California. In the third season, it is known to save the world or world edition. In the fourth season, the player will investigate in a fictional city Concordia in the united state, this season is known as mysteries of the past.


The fifth season is known as the conspiracy which is once again in grimsborough. The sixth season named as travel in time, in this seasoned player will solve murders across seven time periods, namely ancient times. The seventh season is known as supernatural investigations; the player will mainly solve the murders related to magical things. The eighth and final season is a city of romance which is heavily based on Paris. The storyline of this game is quite good.


One can enjoy this game, and this quickly passes your time whenever you will getting bored. This game will also provide you hints with its help you can soon solve cases. As earlier mentioned the storyline and the stunning graphics artwork are the main attraction of this game. Scenes with illustrated crimes and blood might be the thing you are looking for.



● Graphics and storyline quite stunning

● Solving the puzzles and mysteries also fun

● It helps to learn new words which are given as a hint.

● This game always keeps you occupied when you are bored.

● There are many adventurous and captivating cases in this game.

● Some task gave you challenges, but it also entertains you.

● You can include friends also and get lives from them.

● It is addictive to play.

● It has some greatly enhanced feature.



● Sometimes it is lagging.

● So many annoying Ads 

● Sometimes take a longer time to complete the task.

● Some problems occur in energy.

● Inappropriate images presented in this game



Here you can see that we are discussed about the game criminal case. Here we discussed the pros and cons of this game. Every game has its positive sides and opposing sides. It also has positive and negative sides. So it's up to you if you will play this game or not, but we highly recommend you to try this game.


Although it contains violence and threatening material if you love thriller, you should try this game and hope you will love it. This game is not suitable for children because some scenes contain violence or adults, affecting their minds. But for the adults, it is not that bad. Investigating crime scenes and bring the killer to justice is also challenging and entertaining.


Solving puzzles can divert your mind for not getting bored when you have nothing left to do. This game will easily pass your time. So if you have free time then take sometimes and play this game. If you love mysteries or hidden object game, then you will get the thing in this game. We would recommend you check out this game, not for the gameplay but to experience the game's realistic landscape. The graphics of the game is also practical and captivating. You will love to play this game.

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