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Top 6 Best Apps For Android Phones

 Top 6 Best Apps For Android

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We got n numbers of apps, but we only use those apps which are beneficial to us or are of free of cost. So I found some android apps which are entirely free of charge and are readily available on play store. So let's know about which app am talking and also about its features and how to use in detail. So let's start.

  • Air Scanner

In today's era, we all need a scanner for various task. And we aren't sure which app is the best. So I came across this app name Air scanner I know many people will be not knowing about this app. But don't you worry. This app is designed and developed by students of big (Instagram) Bombay.

This app is straightforward to click the picture and den it auto-detects the image and adjust according to as per the requirements. After doing so, you can apply the filter as you want the way it should be. Not just this you can also share the picture in the form pdf using the same app and can also select the quality as per the need. The very main two features which I like about this app is the first one is narration when you click the picture there is a narrator who will read the content for you precisely the way it's written.

And the second main feature is a search option where if you don't understand the meaning of the word you just got to click on that word and it will tell you its purpose. Overall I can suggest you if you are looking for an Indian scanner app then you should go for this app and try it our as it is an Indian app with best features in it.

  • Actuflow

Actuflow is a unique app which will help you to reduce your screen time which will eventually help you to have a healthy digital life. The concept of this app is straightforward and useful.

So basically whenever you unlock your phone, it will ask you to write a short reason for why are you opening. So that later on, you can check on the flow that how many time have you unlocked your phone and the reason behind it.

Now you'll wonder giving every time a reason for unlocking is such a hectic thing, so do not worry there's an option where you can not fil the reason and disable the notification too. The best thing which I like about this app is that it has a reminder in it which reminds you later why you had unlocked the phone.

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  • Angry Alarm

This app is designed for the people who sleep a lot in short the heavy sleeper. In regular alarms, you have to off it by pressing a button. But in this case, you need to shake the phone in a specific manner so that the alarm turns off and if you don't turn off your alarm in some time again it will start ringing.

The angry notice is straightforward to use ad I specified there are buttons to off the alarm. Not just this, you can customize mad panic and also the snooze settings. Overall it's beneficial and wonderful alarm app so go n check it off if you are a deep sleeper.

  • Maki

Maki is an alternate app for Facebook which combine both Facebook and Facebook messenger.

And you guys know what I believe that the Facebook app is a bit slower as compared to this. Maki app works so smoothly. Since the time I am using Maki am just loving it. The app is fast and consists of various feature which you got to search. The interface of the app is clean. It also consists of if the theme were you can activate the dark mode. You can also save picture and videos that too in HD quality in just one single tap.

The best part of the app is you can customize the feed as per your choice. Apart from all these features, you can also access Instagram Twitter right in the app itself. You also have a plus version which will remove the ads and will unlock various cool features too. Along with this you also get 30 promo codes coupon.

  • Notepin

Calculating in an average figure, we check our phone around 100 times, and at the same time, we also check the notification area. Now with this app, you can write custom notes and pin them In the notification Panel and with these the edit notes are always like sticky notes a whenever you see the notification, and you check the message it will remind you of the things you have to do.

And also you cannot dismiss the notification from the panel. You have to go to the app and then delete from there. You can also set the note priority as high medium and low and can also associate the colour. Talking about the app, it's straightforward and excellent. There is also an Ad-free version of this app where you got to pay individual money and buy that version and enjoy ad-free.

  • Propix

Propix is a free wallpaper app which has an excellent collection of wallpapers that also in HD quality. But these wallpapers are mainly for one plus eight and one plus eight pro. The group include vector, minimal, abstract and even live wallpapers.

Talking about the app interface, it has an explore option. First, you can also see the trending wallpaper which is used by most of the people. For ad-free, you got a pro version where you have to buy with your real currency and enjoy the app ad-free. Not just using app ad-free it also gives you access to the premium wallpapers Where you can use all kind of wallpapers.


So if you feel any of the apps is exciting and worth using so give it a try and use it if you like it do share the app with you loved once.

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