Friday, October 30, 2020

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps 

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So when we talk about using our phones what do we do the most I know many of them click pictures get access to Instagram, Facebook watch videos and more things but clicking picture's and editing them is done by most of the people. We get the features of editing the images inbuilt too like you have an editing feature in your gallery.

Still, you don't get all kind of functions which you expect so for those you have got a third-party app which has useful photo editing features which can be used in your android photos and make them the way you want. If you go to search, and editing app you'll get n numbers of the app and its very difficult to choose which app is best. If we go to see, there are pics art app which has an excellent standard But today will be telling on more editing apps with great features and better result.

These apps have been newly launched. Newly in a sense this year many of them will be familiar, and some will be not. And when you come across this app, it has such great filters and editing features that you'll be surprised.

  • Photo Editor Pro

As you can see the name, it's straightforward and sounds easy you guys know what I like about this app is its very lightweight app just 12 MB. This app is brought up and produced by in short company. Just like their name, they make excellent apps, so one of their apps is this which I loved. Now talking about the app, it has various filters literally around 100 filters.

You can also use double exposure for your pictures. Not just this, you can also remove the background. We all know how issues we face due to the ground like you love some photos, but the experience is so shabby and dirty that you don't feel like posting or sending to someone so, what if say that this app can solve this issue. You can not just remove the background but also replace it with the one you want. You can also make a collage it's in the app itself using collage making.

There is also body editor function through which you can adjust your body by making it slim or fat or whatever the way you want not just on the body but also on your face. I suppose you want to put some text on your picture; this too can be done through this app using different style and different colour.

  • Enlight Pixaloop

This app is rare. Now you'll wonder why? You can see the name itself is so rare so its features also might be rare right, so let's know about it. What does this app do and why it's rare. 

All it does is bring life to your picture now you will think how can it get an experience okay so let me tell you, for example, you click an image where you a background of a waterfall so what if I say that you can make the picture in a such a way that you will feel it's a real waterfall you can also put different effects as you think suits your vision. The main thing which you can do in this app is the animation which makes it unique. So if you are looking for such kinds of the app to edit the picture in such a way, then I can tell you that you need to try this.

  • Comics and Cartoon Maker

Many of them love to draw lines in a different way add cartoon type pictures and many things to make their photo exciting and attractive so if you're looking for an app to do such thing I assure you should try out this app. This app is comics and cartoon maker type just as specified in the name. 

For an example if any of the picture you want to make it in the form of wit, so it's possible through this app along with this you get various comic filters. You might have come across to a comic book and might have seen how the pictures look in the comic book, in a similar way your photos will look.

  • Afterlight

If we talk about this app, it is a Universal photo editing app. like if you love to click pictures of natures you know any time you face the problem of light adjustment some pictures be dull some be bright so you can overcome such issues using this app. You can increase or decrease the level of light.

In this app, you get different adjustment features where you can adjust your entire picture in the way you want. You can also change the saturation or brightness, colour, contrast Etc. You can also apply the texture you get different types of surface. For example, you click a picture now, and you want to show it that the image is old so you can do this using the texture. Overall it has excellent filters. So I can tell you if you want to make an existing picture look beautiful and right, you can do this by using this app.

  • Toolwiz Photos

This app is like a complete package; you can say it's a professional app. 

You can do so many things in this app its kind of all in one app. You can use 40 plus various filters like landscape Etc. As I had said in the previous app regarding the background you can do that in this app to like if you want to obliterate the environment or replace it will some other picture this all is possible using this app.

You can also give background effect like a DSLR where you can increase and decrease the intensity you can also blur your background. You get various filters not only this but also effects like you want to make a picture like double or mirror image this is possible through this app. You can even doodle on your photographs. For that, you get different kinds of brushes and colours.

These are also a great photo editing app. I can tell you that this all five apps are excellent now it's upon you which app you have to choose which fulfils your requirements. All you can do is go and give it a try.

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