Sunday, August 23, 2020

Top 5 Mobile Apps For Students

 Top 5 Mobile Apps For Students

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As we know, when a knife has given to a surgeon, he will save our life, but similarly, if a knife has given to a criminal, he can take our life. The same way mobile apps can make a student life, and some apps can spoil a student's life. Many of the students face various problems while studying. Issues like stress, feeling drowsy, and many more. So we have solutions to all these problems. And that is the mobile app. I recently came across this app, and they are very beneficial. And I am sure they will solve your problem.

The five apps are:-

  • Quizlet App
  • Mindmeister App
  • Microsoft Lens App
  • Tide App
  • Todait App

Let's have a detailed look at all these five apps so that we know its benefit and use it in our daily lives. So let's get started.

  • Quizlet App

So basically, this app helps you to remember what you have studied. It also helps you to remember new things, and it also judges what you have considered.

With this app's help, you can remember even tiny things like you can make a list called flashcards. And the most important thing you can also seek advice from other students flashcards. According to recent searches, more than five crore students study through the Quizlet app.

The reason behind this as I said you could access other student's flashcards too. You get ready-made material regarding any subject beat math, hind, Marathi, etc. And also you can study in the language you are comfortable with. Let's know the features of the app. So the app has four sections.

  • Learn about it            

Where you can learn
  • Write an answer
Where you have written what you learn
  • Match
To check how much time you take to write
  • Test
Where you can give a test.

You can also share your flashcards with your friends, and in case if you need theirs, you can ask for it.

  • Mindmeister

When it comes to studying history, geography, or science, we know how the studies are in detail. And it becomes difficult to remember and understand these things. So this problem can be solved through the MindMeister app. It helps you link your subject, even a smaller portion. So let's check how the app helps you.

  • It helps to sort information visually.
Like it helps you sort its pros and cons so that you understand it more efficiently
  • Make a presentation
It also helps you make a presentation
  • Brainstorm ideas

We all know in English basically to write the composition part we need a creative idea to write, so this app solves this problem.

The app helps you in your studies and enables you to plan things on how and when you can study. The most crucial benefit of this app is it makes you understand everything visually.

  • Microsoft Office Lens.

Many times, we don't have notes and are exams are approaching, and we cannot even ask our friends because they also have to study. So this problem can be solved through the Microsoft office lens, where you can scan the image of your notes and convert it into Word, PDF, and image. It means you can edit, trim, enhance, and modify the letters written on paper. And then you can take your phone anywhere, which means you can study where ever you want.

  • Tide App

When I used to study, I used to think before studying that now in the sometimes ill study with full focus and full motivation. And I used even to sit to study but then there are various noises going around the surrounding which doesn't let you be focused. Similarly, when you try to sleep, such sounds irritate you, and sleep is an essential factor for a student. A student should get proper sleep. So in such a case, you can use this app to focus on one particular sound, which is called white noise. White noise can prevent distraction and keep your focus. Let's have a look at its features.

  • Select any ambient sound.
You can choose any ambient sound which you want in which you can focus.
  • Two sleep mode
  1. sleep
  2. Nap
Suppose you didn't get proper sleep at night and want to take a nap in the daytime, so according to your timings, you can set the time.
  • Light waking up mode

  • Todait App

All students have the same time to study. But all matters of how efficiently the student is making use of the time. Suppose there is proper planning on when to study and how to complete it. You can manage your time, and if your time is maintained correctly, you can be stress-free and confident.
This app helps you to be prepared and more productive and also to manage your time.

Features of this app.

  • Calculate your study schedule
Where you can decide on how much time you can study and when you can complete your studies.
  • Customize your person timetable
You can create your timetable, which will help you achieve your goals. 
  • Adjust your goals according to your performance
I suppose you have set your goals to complete two chapters a day, and you couldn't finish that goal, then the app will tell you still how much time you need to study.
  • Gives you feedback
This app observes your study habit and gives you feedback as per it. 
  • Gives you a detailed performance graph.
The study graph helps you know how much you have progressed and how much you need to proceed. And also tells you your monthly performance. 

So students facing such problems should try out these apps and try to bring out the best in you. And if the app has helped you in any way, let your loved ones know about it.