Sunday, August 23, 2020

Brain Out Game Review

 Brain Out Game Review

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All parents are worried about their children's regarding their studies, like all the children are sitting at home and doing nothing. They want to play and play, and such situations have created a mess in the house because nowadays children wish to play PubG and no parents like this. Because who wants their children to play whole day such a game which is of no use.

We all know that there is lock down going on and so we even we cannot do anything for our children we also cannot force them to do because we know they aren't going to listen to anyone. So I just came across these game called brain out. Can you imagine this game can be played by children as well as prominent elders to Isn't? Is it unusual that all can play it? Like not only elders but children who are even small they to can to play it. So don't worry, I will tell you in detail about the game on how to play and what you can do.

About the game

The game is readily available on play store. You can download it freely and play it. This game is both online and offline, and you can play it in both ways. I mean the way you want. So talking about the set its very beneficial as it makes your mind very fresh in case if you are not in a good mood so you must try out this game. The game is unique it's beyond your expectations you can't even imagine what kind of levels you'll get like they are very very different means you have not also thought that such degree you can get. It will look effortless you'll think huh it's so simple, but they aren't.

If you want your children to start using your mind correctly, then you need to give your children to play this game. You get daily rewards to in this daily rewards means each day when you log in, you can get coins every day. Then suppose if you are playing any level and you don't understand on how to play so you can use the key🔑 . Now how can you get these keys?

So basically you can buy these keys as well as coins with your real money there are various offers in the store through which you can buy.

Offers like
  • 10 💡 for 170
  • 20 💡 for 260
  • 40 💡 for 430

I suppose you don't want to spend your money on buying you can do one thing and you know that's the best thing you can do is watch a video and then you can get keys. There is such a great advantage where you get free of cost key without wasting any money to watch the video and get key. Then you can also change your settings whether you want music or sound while playing the game if you don't want then just off it. Then you can also choose the language you are comfortable with to play you'll get the various option you want Languages like.

  • French 
  • Italian 
  • English 
  • Indonesia

Not just these but many other languages are available so you can choose the way you want. You know every game has a disadvantage when you play online like an enemy, and that enemy is ads we all get irritated by ads. So for this, there is a solution wherein you can play the game without watching an ad just like and ad-free match, so for these, there is an offer available in store. In which you have to buy it with your real money, so let's check the offer.

  • Remove ads for just Rs: 420

Talking on how to play the game

All you need in this game is that you have to use your brain. If your smart enough you can play it easily and solve it quickly. Let's have a look at one level.

You can see this level it says help them cross the river so what you think about what you can do? You can not even shift the children from here to there neither you can make the children move. So basically in these level all you have to do is make the boat big, and then the level will get completed. So you have seen the level was looking so simple and easy, but solving it was a bit complicated.

You can see that 💡 one sign they are like the key, which you can use if you are not able to solve the level. So go an try out these game, and I would suggest parents gave their children to play this game like its very lovely to make children think to use their brain. So hurry up and download. And if you think this game gives benefit to your children, then do share with your family.