Sunday, July 12, 2020

What is Snapchat? How to use Snapchat

What is Snapchat?

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You have to log in on Snapchat using your contact number. Were you have to create your account. So basically you have to enter your details like your name, username, email id, password, your birth date etc. You don't have to worry about your details its all safe with them.

About the app

You'll quickly gets the app on play store.  You have to go and type Snapchat.  Many people might be not familiar with this app. Because some don't know about the app, and some don't know how to use the app. But there's no worry all understand it as ill be telling you about it.
Just let's have a look at what are the features about Snapchat.


Not only this but there are many more features to As I mentioned you could click your pictures, remove video using various filters just as shown in photos.

You can see the filters above. You can also zoom in and zoom out while clicking pictures or removing videos. These are such great I am sure you'll love it.

You can also discover new friends means not only your close ones but those whom you don't even know you can also interact with them. You can see in the above picture the + sign button from where you can add and also accept peoples request.

Not only this, but you can also even chat with your friends.
Where you can decide whether you want to save the chat or no, if you're going to keep the conversation, you have to double click on the message.  Or you can set as default when should the message be deleted.

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As the image is shown above 

You'll also gets a message if anyone removes a screenshot of your profile or your messages.

You can also maintain streaks with people. Now you'll wonder whats streaxs? So basically you have to send a snap to your friends every day and so should that person send you and after three days the streax will begin and to continue the streaxs you need to do this every day.
You can also put a story on your Snapchat, just like Instagram.

If you find any of the people are harassing you or its a fake account you can give feedback on it.  You can also block the person. You can also hide your pictures with password-protected.

Not just this you can even make your bit emoji, for this you require a bit emoji app which is readily available on play store.

These are how you can make your bit emoji.

I feel it's pretty amazing. You can also find the location of your friends not only one but all those who are in your friend list. If you haven't tried this, then you must try it. I am sure you'll love it just the way I liked it.