Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What is Coin Master? Coin Master Full Review

Coin Master Game

What is a coin master?

Coin master is basically an online game. It has become an #grossing game. Children above 18 years are eligible to play.

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​How can you log in?

There are basically two ways to log in one is you can play as a guest, and the other one is you can log in by Facebook. When you log in by Facebook, you get various advantages. And who doesn't love advantages? So some advantages are mentioned below
you can play with your friends
you can save your progress
​you can get 50 free spins.
​You can get 1m free coins etc.
What else you want if you get so many benefits.

What is the game all about?

The game is all about building your village. The main question is, how will you build the village? To build the village, all you need is coins. You can get the coins through a spin wheel.

What is spin actually, and what are its features?

To build a village, you need coins? Where will you get the coins from? All these questions might have arisen. So don't get confused; basically, you get coins through a spin wheel. You get five chances every day. Five chances! Huh, it's not less. Can you guess why? Its because when you spin, you get various advantages, and in all one of the luckiest advantage is that you get extra spin. I suppose you are out of the spin and you need more chances you can buy it by your real money there are various offers for it. Now let me tell you what advantages you get through the spin.

Firstly of Ofcourse free coins, which is all you need. ​Secondly, extra free spins.

​You can get an opportunity to destroy someone else's village.
​You can get a chance to put raid on someone else village and earn coins.
​You can get a protection shield.

You might be wondering protection shield for what?

Its because if you can destroy someone else village the same chance, they can get so to protect it from getting destroyed you can use protection shield.

How to play the game?

Firstly let me tell you a beneficial thing about login when you log in by Facebook I already mentioned what benefits you get but the disadvantage about login in as a guest is that the message keeps on popping up 'you logging in as a guest' there's also a risk of losing our data. So I suggest connecting to Facebook.

Many of them will be very new to these games and of course, all not be knowing how to play it. Firstly the game as an inbuilt feature that will guide you on how to play and what to do and am pretty sure you'll love the game when you start playing. And the best part of the games is what you know it will keep giving you updates regarding who has destroyed your village so that you can take revenge.

You can rebuild your damaged things; then, you can modify your village.

You can also get everyday login rewards that are from REWARD CALENDAR. Reward calendar? So eventually the day when you log in only that time you get the coin for eg, day 1, day 2, etc. emm might be thinking what rewards? So basically, you get everyday coins, not only coins but various other rewards. There are various events launched in which all can participate. Some of the events are mentioned below.

​Raid one time to win prizes, ​Attack one time to get 50 spins. After completing the events, you also get rewards, which are very helpful. You are gonna come across the various level, and the game is gonna be more and more interesting. There will be an excitement to complete the levels.

Your gonna also get rewards as you go on higher levels. When you start playing once the game and you connect to Facebook, you'll also get notifications about your friend's village. You can also send gifts to them.