Thursday, July 9, 2020

Top 3 Trending Games in 2020

Top 3 Trending Games in 2020

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So we all know that there is this lock down going on from so long. We all have got a chance to be at home to spend your time with your family, but still, we all are bored of the same routine. There's a question arising on everyone's mind on what to do? Which games to play?  How can we all pass our time together?

How can we all play with our family together?  Wait, wait, wait! Chill so to the problem of all these solutions is near me.  Guess what?  There are these three beautiful games in which you can play with your family.  So it's good Nah you can do two things together you can play with your family, and you can also spend time with your family, not just families you can also play with your friends.

So let me tell you about which three games i am talking about i will give you full detail on it in the latter part.

  • ​CHESS

So am going to explain to you about the game.

1. Ludo King 

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Ludo King is a game which is developed by Gametion Technology Pvt Ltd. We all know what ludo we usually use to get it from the shop and play is, and many times it used to happen that we lose the dice or spoil the main thing.  But to solve this problem they brought a mobile game so now there will be no worries of losing anything. You can play it in both ways online as well as offline.

When you play with your family, you can play offline, when you play with your friends you can play online.  But you know what there's a lot of difference in the real ludo and the mobile one because in the mobile one maximum six players can play but in the real ludo only four.  So now you decide which is best.

Not only these you'll get a daily bonus on it too in which you'll get everyday coins. Wait for il mention it below
​day 1 -250
​day2 -500

And so on now you'll think what you have to do with these coins.  So basically these coins are used to unlock the theme,  you can challenge your friends with coins etc.

Then in that, there is a betting game called '7up down.'
In which you have to bet, and if the same number comes on dice, you get the coins, you can even get double coins. Seven up-down game looks like this.

When you play online and if you win. You get coins in return. Not only ludo but you can also play snake and ladder. Interesting!  Ya, Of course, it is, in this also you can play both online as well as offline. The screen of ludo looks like that.

In both you can play online, that is with a computer with friends,  and local multiplayer means you can o
Play offline. So now the choice is all yours!

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2. Carrom King

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Gametion Technology also develops carrom, King. In which you can log in in two ways. You can download and play as a guest, or you can connect to Facebook. You can also play online as well as offline.

You can play with your friends, with your families, even with unknown people and if still there's no one to represent you can play with computer.
When you play online with friends or with unknown people, you can win coins Carrom game looks like this.

You can also unlock different theme carrom coins of your choice with the coins.

And you know the best part is what you don't need to have real carrom board like carrying and take here take there,  with just one smooth move you can play.

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3. Chess

ludo king

If you want your mind to keep working in this lock down so this game is best I think you'll should try this game and make it sharp by playing. You can play this game with a computer. You'll have various levels in it which will make you confuse.

You'll also have a puzzle chess game in which everything will be shuffle here and there just as shown in the picture.

These are what a game of puzzle chess looks like, It has in all 100 levels, and all levels will be different. You can also take a hint if you are confused about how to play and what should be the next move.

I hope you'll enjoy playing these three games. Try it out because I am too enjoying it an now it's your turn!