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Pokemon Go Full Review

Pokemon Go Full Review

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I am sure everyone has watched Pokemon in cartoons in their childhood, and its always being fun to see the battles between two Pokemon, eyes admire to see when there is a new Pokemon found. With what great features and powers, childhood has always been great with cartoons like these, once in childhood, everyone wishes if they get a chance to catch Pokemon in real, I know not true. Still, childhood is what it is full of excitement and fun, not knowing the reality of it what matters is entertainment, and that's what mattered to us in our childhood watching Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Full Review In Details

As time passed, we all grow up, and somewhere things remain behind, but do you know that it's never too late for anything am sure everyone carries smartphone along, and Pokemon has come in real, I mean not in reality. Still, yes, it has come out of the cartoons, now we can play Pokemon in our smartphones yes you heard it right, "Pokemon Go " this is the same way what you watched in cartoons. I will show you all the features this game has to play and remember your old memories while watching it on television.

I have been playing Pokemon Go lately. Well, I am playing Pokemon go 1 am weekday because I know ordinary people are in bed at that time and cant defend their gyms. For those unfamiliar with this game, which is not a lot of you because it was huge a few years ago, and I would say it's still big now but not as intense as it first came up years ago.

So First, you need to install the app from any IOS or Android store on your smartphone. To get you a clear vision of how the app looks, it's probably a round shape logo with a Pokemon ball. Once the app gets opened, it will ask to " Enter your date of birth," so you can add your birth date. The next option you will get on the app will be whether you are an existing player or a New Player, so if you have already played this game, you can select " RETURNING PLAYER," but if you are a new player, then select " New Player."You Can Either Login through 


I am sure you know how to connect with Facebook account and Gmail account I will let you know what Pokemon Trainer Club is and how it functions

Pokemon Trainer Club:-

Once you click on the Pokemon Trainer Club, it gives you a pop to enter your user name and password. If you don't have a user account click on "Register."

It will connect you to a new page through google wherein it will require you to verify your age so you can select your date/month/year nextly you will ask to select your "Country" so select that as well according to your nation and then hit continue. So next step would be to create a "Username," "Password," and add an "Email Address" if you don't have an email address, you can create a dummy one as well, so you can fill up those. The next step would be to hit continue for the "Terms And Conditions."

Once you have done, your Trainer Club Account has created, and you will get 25 Trainer Token as a Reward.

In This Trainer Club, you will get some unique features to train your Pokemon and send them to fight along with other Pokemon. You will also learn how you can prepare your Pokemon and make him strong and sturdy, so I hope you have understood how to create the Pokemon Trainer Club Account and how it functions.
So let's Begin With The Actual Features of the game.

Beginner Guide To Play Pokemon GO.

If you walk around in the real world, you'll also walk around in the game. While playing the game, the circle around you is your search area, and those leaves rustling have found in Pokemon. And Pokemon, located inside that circle, is within your grasp. When you see a Pokemon, tap it, and then you're in capture mode. Capture a Pokemon y hitting it with a Pokeball. Put your finger on the ball, then flick upward to throw. If you run the white circle around the Pokemon, you might capture it. If you hit inside the colored circle, you can score bonus points. Sometimes a Pokemon will escape from your Pokeball, but no worries! Just hit them with more Pokeballs, and eventually, you'll make the capture. When you capture a new Pokemon, it will register to your Pokedex. Check there any time to see how many types of Pokemon you still need to hunt.

How to find Pokemon Nearby You?

It would help if you tapped the white bar on the lower-right corner to see all the Pokemon nearby. The number of foot-prints indicates their distance from you. The more foot-prints, the further they are. Dropping incense attracts Pokemon to your location and lasts for 30 minutes.

What is Pokestops?

Pokestops are blue map markers. A better way to draw them out is with lure modules, but those must be attached to Pokestops. They are usually attached to local landmarks. When you're close enough, tap the circle o zoom in. Spin it with your finger, and the Pokestops will spit out supplies like new Pokeballs, potions, and other power-ups. A good strategy is to play in a place that has many nearby Pokestops. Salem, MA, for instance, is loaded with historical landmarks.

Egg Incubator:- If you tap enough Pokestops, you might find a Pokemon Egg. These need to incubate before they hatch. Each incubator holds one egg at a time. You always have one unlimited-use incubator, but you can acquire additional limited-use ones. Pokemon eggs only incubate when you're walking, so keep up that hustle!

What is Lure Module?

A Pokestop raining pink hearts have an active lure module. Lure Module attracts more Pokemon to their Pokestop. So in a popular area, you may find many Lure Modules running at once, which means a Pokemon Bananza.

Power-Up Options:- The Power-Up Option uses Stardust, which you earn when capturing any Pokemon. It also uses a minimal amount of Candy. The arc above your Pokemon represents how powerful it can become. Every time you use the Power-Up ability, the white dot moves further to the right and adds CP. It's best to wait until you evolve a Pokemon to charge it up.

Where To Find Pokemon Gyms?

Pokemon Gyms are easy to find. They will always be color-coded-yellow. Blue, or red- to indicate which team owns it.Once you're close enough, tap the Gym to see its level, and which Pokemon are guarding it. You'll have to defeat to take control. If your team already controls the Gym, this earns the Gym experience, which increases the Gym's level, which means more Pokemon from your side can guard the Gym. Before you battle, make sure your best Pokemon are healthy.

Points To Remember.

  • Tapping a specific Pokemon shows its stats.

  • CP stands for Combat Points-basically, how strong that Pokemon is.

  • Every Pokemon has a weak attack and a strong attack with differing damage.

  • Suppose you want Pokemon that has high CP and powerful attacks. Then the best way to do this is to evolve your Pokemon, and then power them up.

  • Making Pokemon more powerful requires Candy, and each type of Pokemon has a preference. You earn Pokemon-specific Candy whenever you capture a Pokemon of that type.

  • To earn Candy, you can get it by transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow. Always transfer the ones with the lowest CP first.

  • Evolving Pokemon generates a lot of experience, which allows you to level up. One item you can earn from leveling up is a Lucky Egg. It doubles your experience points for 30 minutes.

  • A great strategy is to save your volutions until you have a Lucky Egg, then evolve them.

  • Portions and Revives can heal them, and both of them located in your Items Bag. Potions and Super potions restore hit points. Select the portion, then tap the Pokemon you want to heal.

  • Revives back Pokemon defeated in a battle once your Pokemon has revived and healed, its time to arrange your battle order.

I hope this helps to get started on your Pokemon Go adventures.