Thursday, July 16, 2020

Home Escapes Game Full Review

Home Escapes Game Full Review

'Homes escapes' the name only looks so much interesting' this game is readily available on play store. Not only children but youngsters, adults all can play it.

About the game

The game is an offline game. Ya, I know when it comes to offline games all love it and how doesn't wanna take such advantage.

Do you guys know when I started playing this game at the start, I felt its boring like I was going to uninstall, but now you can see I am writing about this game because it's fascinating. I am sure you'll enjoy playing it. If you don't know anything about the game, don't worry, I am here to tell you about the game and about its features and how to play, so let's get started.

So as I mentioned, this is an offline game, so all have no login problem and all not even require data. So without any ad problem, you can play it easily. And yes you can connect to Facebook if you wish to know what will happen with this you'll get advantages ill let you know what are the benefits in the latter part.

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So basically in the game, you have your mansion where you have come after a long time, and you know when you keep your house as it is it becomes messy, dirty things get spoiled so same as this is the condition of the mansion.

So eventually you have to renovate it. You know its a mansion there will lot of room garden etc. so you can do all together you have to go step by step as the game instruct you.

The place Shown in the game is very, and it's beautiful. To renovate the house, you need coins you might be thinking this but your wrong you don't require coins all you need is one star๐ŸŒŸ  for restoring each thing, e.g. a sofa, just an example. How you'll get it and how to use ill explain to you so no worries.

First, let's have a look at how the game looks.

Here is how your game looks.

They have told us to replace the carpet, so basically they will keep on commanding us on what to do. Now as I said you'll that to renovate things you need star ๐ŸŒŸ  so you'll get this star by playing another game. Another game like what?  Chill it's straightforward.

Have you ever heard about candy crush where you match 3 or 4 or 5 candies together and make something out of it so similar is this game where you have to collect coins?

Let me show a view of how that game looks. See the same way just like candy crush where it will tell you what to do to complete the levels. So if you talk about the high level, it's level one where you have 24 chances in which you have to collect six candies of you do this using 24 Candies or less then that you'll win the level.

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After completing the level, you'll coin and a star one star for completing each level.

There are n numbers of levels in this to at the start you'll get an easy level, but when you reach ahead, it becomes complicated. And this makes the game interesting because to renovate the house you need a star and if you don't have star only how you'll renovate.

Now talking about lives for this game how in candy crush you get five lives the same way in this you get five lives. If the life gets over again, you'll start getting it after 30 mins mean for one entity to come back it takes 30 mins. Look, I told you that you have some advantages when you connect to Facebook.

So basically those advantages are related to the lives which you get. You can send the experiences to your friend, or you can borrow in case if you don't have these is better na where even you can help and also you can ask for help.

How to play these game

As I said, you have to renovate the house; it's enormous. Let me show you.

You can seem to renovate the one part and the backside its blackout means you have to renovate that part still. Keep renovating and keep moving ahead and unlocking other rooms.
So you get this what-to-do list.

You get one time one task. Once you complete that, then you get the other. You can see it there in the picture do it as written, and there's and ๐ŸŒŸas I told you that you need stars to renovate it. And I also told you from where and how you'll get it.

Then you'll also get a puzzle on the what-to-do list the mystery is a mini-game every time you'll get it different, but it will be related to Austin only. I came across the first puzzle. It looked like this where I had to help Austin to meet her means where I had let him come across his bad dreams after completing the mini, and you get rewards.