Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Counter-Strike/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike/Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike is a multi-player shooting video game played on PC's it was first released in 2000 and the latest version which is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was started in 2012 basically to get knowledge of this game its a battle between two teams, where the team who shoots the opposite team with weapons, bombs, strategy, wins the match. "Counter-Strike" was first started in Windows in 1999 and the "Counter-Strike" Global Offensive" was released in Windows, OS, X, XBOX 360, and PlayStation 3. Both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have more than millions of downloads, you can imagine how fun it would be if even you joined and killed all of your opposite team with your shooting skills.

What is the Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

This Blog is targeted to those people who are unfamiliar with the counter strike series who are interested in giving counter strike global offensive a try by definition Counter-Strike is shooting with guns now what does that mean well that means that the game is being played online with people all over the world, players are separated into teams, and these teams compete with each other to complete a variety of objectives.

The company in the game is the first-person shooter which means your vision is what your character sees, and you have a gun to shoot people. The story of the game is pretty simple and something which everybody understands there are terrorists. They are either planning to plant explosive devices to blow the spot like boxes or fish they have hostages; then there is the counter-terrorist. Hence, counter strike both team competitive with each other they are two main modes in this " Counter-Strike Global Offensive" mind you that there are infinite game modes because people modify their games and create all fun stuffs like Zombies Survival, Zombies Escape, Gun Game which is an unofficial game mode CS: GO, and even mini-game remember Mario Party as kids yes you do that with guns and stuff.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has in total nine game modes they are:-

  • Competitive
  • Casual
  • Deathmatch
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Wingman
  • Flying Scotsman
  • Danger Zone
  • Weapons Course

In Each Mode, there are two teams divided with five players each, and almost a 45 minutes match depends on how fast each team tries to finish the other team.

Options and Equipment:-

Now to play Counter-Strike Source, you have to set up all your game options and equipment so I will let you know how you can do that for a better game. The first thing you should notice in Counter-Strike Source is your name; your name is your stream name which can be easily changed through each stream.

You need to have a good keyboard because when the enemies are in front of you your hands on the keyboard should run faster so that you don't get shot out as well as you need to have a right mouse and most important a good headphone because without a headphone you won't be able to hear what your teammate is telling you nor you will be able to listen to enemies coming near you to kill you so good headphone are must as well make sure you don't try to change whole settings if your unaware of how that operates because one mistake and you could lose or not enter the game.

So do get the knowledge first of the environment you are about to make the change, you need to also have good guns slots because as you know each gun has its own specialty all you have to do is use the right weapon at the right time, stay awake like an owl because at last, they are Terrorist they often fire from behind so stay alert, stay with your team, always plan with your team who is going forward who's staying backward whos gonna help you make sure you coordinate with your team because you can't win alone team matters to win the game.

Basic Details Of The Counter-Strike

4 Major Game Versions:-

  1. Counter-Strike
  2. Counter-Strike: Condition
  3. Counter-Strike: Source
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Major Weapons In CS:-

  • Melee:- Knife, Machete, Gold Knife, Gut Knife, Huntsman  Knife, Butterfly Knife, and Bayonet.
  • Pistols:- Desert Eagle, Dual Berettas, Glock-18, Five-SeveN, Tec-9,228 Compact, and P2000.
  • Shotguns:- XM1014, Leone 12 Gauge Super, MAG-7, Nova, and Sawed=Off.
  • Sub-machines:- K&M Sub-Machine Gun,P90, UMP-45,MAC-10, PP-Bizon,MP7 and MP9.
  • Rifles:- AWP,Maverick M4A1 Carbine,AK-47,AUG,Schmidt Scout, G3SG1 and FAMAS.
  • Machines Guns:- M249, Negev, M60 and M2 Browning Machine Gun.

Types of equipment:-

  • Grenades
  • Zeus x27
  • C4 Explosive
  • Defusal Kit
  • Rescue Kit
  • Tactical Shield
  • Keviar+Helemt


  • Bomb Defusal Maps:- Dust II, Cache, Inferno, Mirage, Cobblestone, Overpass, Train, and Nuke.
  • Hostage Rescue Maps:-Office, Assault, Agency, Italy, and Militia.