Friday, July 17, 2020


Best Camera App📷 And Editing App

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We all are so fond of clicking pictures like those who don't love clicking pictures. I don't know about you'll, but I have a lot of craze of clicking photographs. I dress up for clicking photographs. I know it might be sounding funny, but you can imagine how much craze I have.

About Best Camera and Editing App

You know I came across these two beautiful apps, which have attracted me a lot. And am using these two apps only. I think even you'll love it. 
So let me tell you which two apps are talking about.

  • B612
  • In Collage

Most of them will be familiar with these apps, and most will not be, but it's outstanding. I'll tell you the features of the benefits and how you can use them.

We cannot judge anything unless we use it.
You know to judge it is straightforward, but when we use and decide its something different. So let's get started.

  • B612

These are all in one app. You can do many things, like many things, huh! Happy. When I came to know that there are so many benefits, I was pleased like hell. So all get this app quickly on play store. Before using these apps, you have signed up either with google ac or your phone number.

Let me talk about the benefits first
​you get various filters
​you get various stickers
​you get editing facilities
​you even get makeup facilities
So let's see in detail
B612 is the app where you can click pictures and shoot videos using the filter.

You can see the picture above, where I have used a sticker of a blur. Not just one, there are various varieties of filters.

You can see the sticker there are also various other themes like
In this, also you get a variety of labels. You can also edit the pictures. In the edit, you can do makeup where you'll have an option of composition where you can put lipstick make your jaw your chin think or sharp. 
Then you can crop your pictures. You can put borders. You can add can out stickers.

These are the options which you'll get. I don't think this is less. It's all in one. What else you need when you get so many benefits. You can also watch stories on how people are using the app what filters they use. You'll get a 📺 button on the left-hand side on top .just click on it, and you can watch stories. You can also set timers if there's no one to click your pictures. These timers are handy. Not just these, you get even an option of dark mode.


piggy go

You guys know when there's birthday or something you want to make a photo grid for your friends for these, Of course, I need an app. So I came across this app to create photo grids, a network in freestyle, you can edit, use templates, etc.

When you select photos to make grid you get the various layout options, you can choose border the way you want .you can use stickers, etc. You can use multiple stickers, filters, etc. but to get these stickers, you need to watch a video. It will get unlock only for that time.

You can see where it's written free you have to click watch video and use. If your font wants to watch the video and want access to everything, you can buy the pack to get free access for seven days. I feel both the apps are amazing even you must go and try it.